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The rules of the smart light pole industry


Abstract: 2019 is known as the first year of China's 5G commercial use. With the widespread promotion of 5G networks and smart cities in China, smart poles will also usher in new outlets. It is believed that through policy promotion, standardization, and open cooperation will promote wisdom The pole industry continues to develop healthily.
4G changes life, 5G changes society, and smart poles are regarded as the nodes and information portals of future smart cities. So, what are the salient features of the smart pole?
First of all, the smart pole has multiple functions, which solves the stubborn problems of the "pole station forest" in the current city, and also has the right of way to the residents, which greatly saves social resources. Moreover, the smart pole is more beautiful than traditional light poles and has become a beautiful city. Landscape;
Secondly, the smart pole is known as the best "landlord" for 5G base stations. Not only is there a large number, but also standard installation interfaces are reserved. The power supply and transmission are also in place in one step, only waiting for 5G base station "tenants" to move in. In this regard, some people believe that a smart pole that cannot be installed with a 5G base station is not a qualified smart pole;
Finally, smart poles are like smart phones. With the development of technology and applications, various value-added services can be continuously developed, such as smart parking, smart car linkage, advertising, smart charging, AI monitoring, weather monitoring, etc. Smart poles revitalize light poles from "asset consumption" to "site resources", and there is a great future for "money".
Wisdom poles are so promising. Will they be the pig who will soon marry Bai Fumei and go to the pinnacle of life by investing in the smart pole industry?
In fact, this is not the case. Although everyone recognizes the value and importance of smart poles in the 5G era, to do a good job of smart poles, we need to continue to advance from the following points and uphold the revolutionary belief of open cooperation and common prosperity.
Using policies to open up the two lines of Ren and Du:
Policy is a catalyst to promote the development of smart poles. With policy guidance, not only can the approval process be simplified, but also more resources can be released for the construction of smart poles.
Wisdom Rod is like a martial arts wizard. Once the two channels of Ren and Du have been opened up through the "policy", the skill upgrade speed will swish. At present, all parts of the country have launched 5G industry development plans. For example, the Zhongshan Municipal People`s Government Office issued the "Zhongshan City Action Plan for Accelerating 5G Industry Development (2019-2022)". The action plan clearly stated that the relevant government departments of Zhongshan City are responsible for promoting 5G. In the construction of smart poles, it also clarifies the arrangements for smart poles in new/reconstructed roads and stock transformation from the policy level.
Guangzhou Huangpu District Industry and Information Technology Bureau and Development Zone Economic and Information Technology Bureau issued the "5G Industrialization Development Action Plan of Guangzhou Development Zone, Huangpu District, Guangzhou (2019-2022)", pointing out that it is necessary to innovate multi-functional wisdom through marketization methods The operation mode of light pole construction, and stipulates that the general survey of communication network tower resources in the whole region shall be carried out, the establishment of a communication network tower resource library, and the opening of the existing communication tower resources.
Establish standardized martial arts cheats:
The smart pole is powerful, and its construction involves all aspects. How to avoid going astray requires the establishment of a set of standards. Just like martial arts, you must compare peerless secrets in order to practice magical skills, otherwise you may get confused.
For example, considering the expansion requirements of future services, it is necessary to meet the requirements for the introduction of infrastructure such as 24-hour power supply and transmission; in order to consider the phased deployment requirements of smart functions on smart poles (5G base station jacks, cameras, advertising screens...), it is necessary to establish Unify standards and reserve interfaces.
In September 2019, Guangdong Province also issued the country`s first provincial standard "Technical Specifications for Smart Light Pole".
In the same month, the Shenzhen Municipal Administration of Market Supervision issued the "Code for Design and Construction of Multifunctional Smart Pole Systems", which will be implemented on October 1.
At the same time, ETSI also launched a European-based pole station standard in June 2019.
Through unified standards, large-scale replication is made possible, while ensuring the quality of construction and future-oriented evolution capabilities.
No matter how high the martial arts is, you also need a sword:
Guan Gong is equipped with a big sword, Zhang Fei has a snake spear, an extinction sword, a lion king slaying a dragon sword, behind every martial arts master, there is a peerless weapon, what is the peerless weapon of the wisdom pole?
The first is the base station. Although the base station modules of traditional tower stations and rooftop stations have strong performance, they are large in size, heavy in weight, and high in power consumption. They are not suitable for smart poles, which are rich and handsome; while traditional small stations are small in size. , Easy to deploy, but the transmit power only reaches the "milliwatt ~ watt" level.
Compared with 3G and 4G, 5G uses a higher frequency band. The high frequency band brings greater wireless attenuation and results in a smaller coverage area. If the hardware modules of traditional small stations are used, it will greatly improve the deployment of smart poles. Density brings a soaring cost of comprehensive site construction, which poses a big problem for engineers.
Technical problems have to be solved by technical means. The answer given by the engineers is: according to the deployment scenarios of smart poles, redesign compact base stations, and continuously improve the effective output power of the base stations to create a new generation of base station series adapted to smart poles !
In order to find the "treasure knife" of the smart pole, engineers worked hard and worked day and night to polish a series of mini-macro base station modules that match the smart pole scene, including BookRU, EasyMacro, HAAU, etc., not only for their attractiveness: small size, light weight, High integration; and capable: support for multiple frequency bands and high output power, ensuring coverage experience in complex scenarios.
The second is the power supply. In order to meet the strict requirements of flexible configuration and flexible expansion of smart pole scenes, engineers have developed a series of blade power supplies (2kW, 6kW, 8kW) and blade lithium batteries (20Ah, 50Ah), which can be built like building blocks. , Assemble flexibly according to demand; for multi-pole/multi-operator sharing power supply scenarios, engineers also provide outdoor integrated cabinet solutions to ensure the continuous coverage of the power "food" of base station equipment on smart poles. Even if the city encounters a power outage, it will not affect the wisdom poles to stick to their posts and realize the glorious mission of the Internet of Everything.
Can make the world heroes:
The multi-functional attribute of the smart pole is destined to be a cross-field and cross-industry product from the day it was born. It is necessary to make friends with heroes all over the world and regularly hold martial arts conferences to find a way for everyone to get rich together.
Among them, a profitable operation model will be an important aspect that determines the sustainable development of the smart pole industry. The Guangdong Telecom Planning and Design Institute once presented at the "5G Smart Pole Integrated Development" forum during the China International Information and Communication Exhibition (PT Exhibition) Three innovative operating models are proposed, including:
1. Government investment, and unified management and operation by government departments;
2. The government invests in the construction of street lights, and social capital invests in the construction of smart functions and is responsible for operation, and the operating income is shared with the government;
3. Social capital invests in the construction of smart light poles, the government grants franchise rights, the social capital party manages and operates the street lamp functions, and the operating income is shared with the government. In addition, he believes that different local policies and economic development levels require different operating models.
With the scale of the national smart pole project and the integration of all parties in the industry, I believe that the arena of the smart pole industry will gradually find out a set of its own rules of the world.
2019 is known as the first year of China's 5G commercial use. With the extensive promotion of 5G networks and smart cities in China, smart poles will also usher in new outlets. It is believed that through policy promotion, standardization, and open cooperation, the smart pole industry will be promoted. Sustainable and healthy development.

Will there be a battle for light pole resources in the future? Let's wait and see!


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